What is Meal Amore?

What is Meal Amore?

Meal Amore – For the love of food!

We all need to eat but for us it’s a passion! We work 40+ hour work weeks and look forward to healthy home cooked dinners at home and delicious meals outside the home as well.

Brian and I have been together since January of 2008 and recently got married in September of 2017. The ceremony was stunning. A beautiful representation of our relationship and our individual passions. Being in a relationship isn’t easy but food brings us together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is a chance to sit down. Discuss the day ahead or that’s passed and overcome the challenges.

The goal is to not only share our love of food but some of the challenges we face as well. Being in a same-sex marriage has its own hurdles and we want to share that journey!

Aaron was born and raised in Akron, Ohio.

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