Ditch & Switch – Paper Towels

The time has come to finally ditch the paper towels! Yes, you read that right! Over the next few weeks we are going to work to DITCH our paper towels and SWITCH to Clean Mama’s mini bar mop towels. I had some gift cards to redeem on Amazon and couldn’t wait to pick up the mini bar mop towels.

I have been following Clean Mama for a couple of month’s now. I’ve utilized her cleaning methods and make a point to always take part in her live instagram stories! A few months back she did a post focused on reducing paper towel usage (check it out here). We’ve been working hard to go a bit more green around our home and this seemed like a great opportunity to not only reduce waste but also save a ton of money! Well, probably not a ton of money but you get the idea. 🙂

We spend so much money on paper towel’s it’s ridiculous. Every time that we need to dry our hands, wipe up some spilled milk or even just dry a dish we grab a paper towel. We do a lot of recycling in our home but it’s just not possible to recycle every paper towel that we use.

What’s the game plan?

It’s simple really! The first part of the plan is to stock up on the mini bar mop towels. We got a few of the bigger ones as well just to be safe. The majority of our messes we will grab a towel instead of a paper towel. Rinse it out when we are done, let dry and then toss into a bucket to wait for washing. Once the bucket fills up or perhaps we just have a big mess that was cleaned up (spilled wine anyone?) then we can run a quick load. It’s important that we are only washing them together though (similar to what you would do with microfiber).

Is it worth it?

100%, YES! As our family grows finances will only get tighter. Now, we aren’t going to completely stop buying paper towels. Let’s keep it real, I’m not cleaning up dog 💩 with a cloth towel. That’s just disgusting! But I don’t see why the majority of other messes can’t be handled by a towel.

Overall, we’ve been very excited to make this switch. It’s still a bit of a slow process (we bought paper towels over the weekend, oops!) but we are working on it. I can imagine it’s going to take us until the end of the year to fully implement but once we do there is going to be no looking back!

What is Meal Amore?

What is Meal Amore?

Meal Amore – For the love of food!

We all need to eat but for us it’s a passion! We work 40+ hour work weeks and look forward to healthy home cooked dinners at home and delicious meals outside the home as well.

Brian and I have been together since January of 2008 and recently got married in September of 2017. The ceremony was stunning. A beautiful representation of our relationship and our individual passions. Being in a relationship isn’t easy but food brings us together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is a chance to sit down. Discuss the day ahead or that’s passed and overcome the challenges.

The goal is to not only share our love of food but some of the challenges we face as well. Being in a same-sex marriage has its own hurdles and we want to share that journey!


The time has finally come! After what’s seemed like an eternity and many years of prep we are set to fully launch Meal Amore in early 2018! We are actively working on the framework of the site and creating content to introduce everyone to our site owners, Aaron and Brian.

We want to share a lot of content with you and hope you’ll return!

Site focus –

  • Food
  • Healthy Eating
  • Relationship Advice